Sunday, September 20, 2015

Product Review~Naturell India Ritebite Max Protein Bar

Dear roydiaries,

Before I continue my regular blogging, I must inform you that Naturell India contacted me with a wonderful opportunity to review their range of protein bars. I have always been a foodie and anything that provides nutrition is always more than welcome. So was the delivery man who delivered me the goodness of health wrapped up in a box. Like a curious cat, I quickly unwrapped the box to find these three wonders:

So, let's get on with dissecting them:

1. The first one, The Max Protein Choco Fudge got the most calories 
at  308 calories and 20 gms of protein. Since, I just came back from my early morning swimming classes, this provided me the instant relief as far as nutrition was concerned. I had it one go, as breakfast and felt quite good about it. 

2. The second one, Protein Max ChocoSlim is a protein-booster at 258 calories and 20 gms of protein. Plus, it's also sugar-free so you need not worry before having a bite. I just had it in one go, without any second thought.

3. The last but not the least one, the Max ProteinHoney Lemon totalled 281 calories and 20 gms of protein. I loved the sweet and mixed tartness in the flavor and even enjoyed eating this bar, more than the other two variants. And, I will definitely stock up the Honey Lemon bars in my fridge when I'm low in protein & taste. And it's also wonderful to have during long distance travel. Goes miles for me.

1. High Protein with a vegetarian source
2. The only protein bar available in the Indian market.
3. Carry it anywhere you want without any worry

1. Synthetic Taste, esp the choco taste variants.
2. Processed food, cannot be the sole replacement to regular diet.

And if you are looking forward to have these fountains of protein, then head over to your local stores or order online from Amazon. It's perfect for those on the move or looking to control their diet.

Thank you for being there.
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