Sunday, September 27, 2015

A #SachchiAdvice that changed my life

“No one wants advice - only corroboration”- John Steinbeck

From the day we are born to the day we breathe our last, we receive one thing constantly even if we need or not- Advice. Right from the nurse who delivered us as a baby to the priest who committed our last rites, every one gives us advice. All of us, at certain moments of our lives, need to take advice and to receive help from other people.
The gravity of the usefulness of the advice is often felt by the person who needs it the most at the right time concerned.

Even in my life, things were never smooth as I expected. During my class 11 days, I got admission in one of the top colleges of the city. The fees were very high compared to the others. Everyone expected good results from me as they recognised my hardworking abilities. Nevertheless, my attendance went south as I couldn’t bear the agony of attending classes regularly. Life seemed a jail. I was least motivated to say the least. Finally the D-Day arrived. When I saw my results, my heart sank to that region where you can’t even find the Titanic. Mom was straightforward in her review, Give up on Science & join the commerce stream. Everyone was criticising me like I bombed the White House. But amidst all the gloominess, I saw one person who was calm & rock steady in his approach. Yes, it was my father. He told me, “I believe in you. And I know you will not give up that easily”. That was IT. The last thing my eardrum needed to hear. I studied with a mission, I studied day & night. Secured 1st division & also a seat in the engineering college. So, a #SacchiAdvice made it possible for me. Thank You Babu.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top 5 shows you can't simply miss

A cup of coffee and your favourite show after returning from daily work is the boost I need to get me started. Some shows are so dear to me, that I even take snapshots of them and upload in the social media sites (Read Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat) Here are few of my favourite ones:

1. The Amazing Race: 

The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which teams of two people race around the world in competition with other teams.  Contestants strive to arrive first at "Pit Stops" at the end of each leg of the race to win prizes and to avoid coming in last, which carries the possibility of elimination or a significant disadvantage in the following leg. The format of the race is such that it is bound to get you excited and feel for the people who are involved in this treacherous show. Currently in its 25th installment, I never forget my 9 PM daily dose of testosterone on AXN India.

2. Ye Hai Mohabbatein:

To be honest, I'm not a BIG fan of Indian saans-bahu serials, but there is something in this show which appeals to me. Something more real than the rest. Something more of a chemistry between Ishita & Raman and the North Vs South Family chronicles that keeps me hooked to this serial and one show I love to share with my whole movie without any repent. 

3. Elementary:

The jingle, "He's so gritty, she's so pretty and both of them are from New York City" has got me hooked from the first day itself. 
Elementary is an American crime drama series that presents a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes. I am a sucker for chemistry and Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller got oodles of them while they solve mind-bogling cases. Premieres at 10 PM on AXN TV, this award winning show definitely gives my coffee an added boost.

4. Dance Plus:Dance Plus with Remo D'Souza

The most happening show on Star Plus is definitely worth a watch. Remo D’ Souza – Choreographer and film Director is helming the show, and Raghav Juyal – choreographer and dancer taking the role of host. With dance as the core, the show highlights itself as the platform where talents meets passion for dance, a dance move having the capability to make the world sway towards it, giving dance a new identity. Remo promises to bring the dancers on show who are born to dance, and whose heart is very much fine tuned with the dance beat and rhythm. In essence, the show’s tagline – Some live to dance, but few are Born to Dance.

5. Sumit Sambhal Lega

Just as 
The Amazing Race ends, starts another 30 minutes of non-stop laughter with a crazy family of Walias. Sumit and his wife Maya with their two kids are living a good life in Delhi. She is a homemaker while he is a sportswriter, who is carefree and shies away from responsibility. His overbearing parents and his slightly weird elder brother stay in the same building, just one floor below them. They keep barging into Sumit's house at will, which doesn't go down well with Maya. Sumit walks the tightrope finding the balance between his mother and wife and keeping everyone happy. Although  hyped as the official adaptation of the hit international series Everybody Loves Raymond, I still feel for Indian senses it fits the bill.
These days Life has become fast forward and people prefer their own solo space. I prefer my smartphone  as the ultimate means of entertainment watching all of my favourite shows without any fight for the remote. I see, most of the  families in world suffer from this Syndrome. What is more exciting is that
Tata Sky  has come with an exciting venture whereby you can shift all your favourite shows into your solo space without any fight for the remote, your "smartphone". This is what I call," A better way to watch your favourite shows".

Have a look:


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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Product Review~Naturell India Ritebite Max Protein Bar

Dear roydiaries,

Before I continue my regular blogging, I must inform you that Naturell India contacted me with a wonderful opportunity to review their range of protein bars. I have always been a foodie and anything that provides nutrition is always more than welcome. So was the delivery man who delivered me the goodness of health wrapped up in a box. Like a curious cat, I quickly unwrapped the box to find these three wonders:

So, let's get on with dissecting them:

1. The first one, The Max Protein Choco Fudge got the most calories 
at  308 calories and 20 gms of protein. Since, I just came back from my early morning swimming classes, this provided me the instant relief as far as nutrition was concerned. I had it one go, as breakfast and felt quite good about it. 

2. The second one, Protein Max ChocoSlim is a protein-booster at 258 calories and 20 gms of protein. Plus, it's also sugar-free so you need not worry before having a bite. I just had it in one go, without any second thought.

3. The last but not the least one, the Max ProteinHoney Lemon totalled 281 calories and 20 gms of protein. I loved the sweet and mixed tartness in the flavor and even enjoyed eating this bar, more than the other two variants. And, I will definitely stock up the Honey Lemon bars in my fridge when I'm low in protein & taste. And it's also wonderful to have during long distance travel. Goes miles for me.

1. High Protein with a vegetarian source
2. The only protein bar available in the Indian market.
3. Carry it anywhere you want without any worry

1. Synthetic Taste, esp the choco taste variants.
2. Processed food, cannot be the sole replacement to regular diet.

And if you are looking forward to have these fountains of protein, then head over to your local stores or order online from Amazon. It's perfect for those on the move or looking to control their diet.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

The MacBook Air is on a path to extinction

MacBook Air.

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When Apple redesigned the MacBook Air in 2010, it created one of the best machines to ever carry its Mac label. That new laptop was a revelation: extremely thin and light, like the original Air, yet also powerful enough for most tasks and equipped with a long-lasting battery. For years, the MacBook Air has been a standard-bearer, the role model for every Windows ultrabook, but 2015 has not been so kind to its leadership position. Apple introduced the new 12-inch MacBook and updated the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, both directly competing with the Air, and for those not umbilically attached to OS X, Dell’s XPS 13 offered a compelling Windows alternative. And this week there’s the looming threat of the iPad Pro on the horizon. Has Apple forsaken what was once its best PC?
Until this year, I wondered why anyone would buy the MacBook Pro, a laptop I considered to be a fatter, slightly more powerful version of the Air. Its battery didn’t last as long, it was thicker and heavier, and it was more expensive. After reviewing the 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina display, however, I’m asking myself why I am still stuck with the Air. The difference between the two machines is as simple as it is compelling: the display. Apple’s Pro laptop just embarrasses its Air sibling when the two are set side by side. The Pro has more than three times the resolution, much wider viewing angles, and better contrast and color reproduction. The new MacBook also has an IPS display with Retina-class resolution and it also looks light years better than the Air.

Apple is not a company that can be accused of doing things thoughtlessly, and the decision to leave the Air’s display at the lower quality and resolution must be taken as a deliberate one. In other words, Apple is comfortable with keeping the Air as a technological straggler in its lineup. That leaves us with a choice of two most likely scenarios: either the Air is destined for a future overhaul and its first redesign in five years or it has no future at all. There’s not enough room in Apple’s lineup for a MacBook, a MacBook Air, and a MacBook Pro — the MacBook is Apple’s ultraportable machine of the future and the MacBook Pro is the do-it-all laptop of today. The MacBook Air’s position seems tenuous already, and if the alleged iPad Pro does indeed materialize, then we may as well bid adieu to the Air entirely.
The iPad Pro is expected to be a 12.9-inch device with optional keyboard and stylus accessories and the ability to run two full apps side by side. Sure, it will be based on iOS instead of OS X, but there are plenty of good iPad apps to replace the basic productivity tools of Apple’s desktop software. My usual MacBook Air workload involves writing, photo editing, communicating with colleagues, and keeping track of happenings on Twitter and YouTube. The presumed iPad Pro would handle the vast majority of these tasks with aplomb, and it would do it with a better-looking touchscreen display and potentially even thinner profile.
Looking at Apple’s lineup with the iPad Pro included is like gazing out on a siege surrounding the MacBook Air. If a super-thin laptop is your top priority, get the new MacBook. If power and versatility are more important, get the MacBook Pro, which is only marginally heavier than the MacBook Air while giving you so much more. And if you want to have a touchscreen on your mobile PC, try out the iPad Pro. There’s just no clear-cut case for why the MacBook Air should exist, at least in its present state, in among all this internal competition from Apple itself. The Air rose to prominence by offering the perfect balance between a bunch of competing priorities, but now its multipurpose nature is acting against it, as it feels compromised from whatever perspective a potential buyer might approach it.
The Intel-fueled ultrabook movement came in the immediate wake of the 2010 MacBook Air, and for years it was simply a case of Windows PC makers trying to catch up with Apple’s paragon of laptop versatility. Uncompetitive battery life and unreliable touchpads were the bane of Windows laptops for a long time, however this year’s Dell XPS 13 is the harbinger of a much-improved class of competition. It has the build and display quality of a truly modern machine, and it’s not hampered by the old issues that held Windows back. With the new Skylake processors from Intel, many others should be joining Dell in providing highly attractive alternatives to Apple’s old reliable MacBook Air.
If Apple wanted to ward off the threat of Windows laptops, it would have meaningfully upgraded the MacBook Air by now. If it had wanted to keep its current product lineup, it would have given the Air a reason to exist alongside its other MacBooks. But what Apple wants is signaled most lucidly by the imminent arrival of the iPad Pro. There will be MacBooks and a MacBook Pro, there will be a set of mainstream iPads and an iPad Pro. It’s a clean, simple lineup with clear delineation between every product. As revolutionary as it once was, the MacBook Air just doesn't fit in Apple's future.

Source: The Verge

Sunday, September 6, 2015

10 crazy places to visit before you die

Here are some weirdest and amazing places that may make you gasp if you are afraid of heights. Enjoy :)

1) Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, ZambiaUsually in dry season, a rock barrier at the edge of the falls forms a natural "Armchair". Swimmers can go near the edge of the falls and enjoy the swim as well as the mesmerizing view. It's on the Zambian side.

2) Trolltunga, Odda, Norway

It's only open during the summer months between June to Sep. There hasn't been any fatalities recorded till as mentioned in Wikipedia. Want an awesome selfie? An Internet magazine has listed it as one of the best place to take one. 

3) Cliff Diving, Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal

The cliff diver you see in the photo is Blake Aldridge who is diving 29 meters from a rock in Portugal in 2012. 

Here's what he said:
You go through absolute hell on the platform,’ Blake Aldridge says. ‘Then you take off and go through this amazing calming sensation where you feel like you’re flying. You go through hell again when you hit the water, then you’re numb, then you come up and it’s total elation.’ This is how Red Bull cliff diver Aldridge describes the experience of leaping off a platform 28m high."
4) The Edgewalk, CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
Its one hell of a trip for thrill lovers to walk on the edge of one of the world's tallest building. Its one of the extreme attraction for adventurous people who want to push their personal limits. 

5) Bike riding on the Cliffs of Moher
The bike riding at this height and at this edgy steep cliff looks really terrifying and needs a lot of guts to do it. Scary as it looks in the photo. Balance must be the key here. 

6) Insanity, Las Vegas
Gravity defying spin upside down. Imagine the rest.
Max Ride Distance: 68-foot distance between passenger and swinging arm base on tower.
Ride Height: 40 feet from observation deck, 906 feet above the Las Vegas

7) Sky Deck, Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Chicago
Located above 1,353 feet off the ground, on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, Sky Deck allows tourists to stand on the glass ledge. Standing in the mid air? I can imagine and hear the pumping of my heart and scary view of Chicago underneath the legs.

8) Sky walking on Mount Nimbus, Canada
Also called heli-hiking by some, one can only reach there by helicopter. It is  clipped into iron rungs very high above the ground, onto steel rope across a long suspension bridge. The climbers are given two lines attached to a harness around the waist and legs.

9) Portaledge Camping at Yosemite
For the adrenaline lovers, this is extremely breathtaking and scary at the same time. Can't imagine to be so calm like the lady and look below like the guy in the photo. I wonder how that portaledge bedding system works by  holding so much of load. Scariest on the list!

10) Swing at the edge of the world, BaƱos Ecuador
The swing actually hangs from Casa Del Arbol treehouse, which is a seismic monitoring station. Long steep drop underneath and definitely you may feel your head spinning from the view underneath. But definitely worth extreme adrenaline rush!

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Source: Quora