Saturday, August 29, 2015

5 Reasons why having a sibling is cool

Today, 29th August we all know is a day when the special relationship between a brother and sister is celebrated all over India as Rakshabandhan Day.

Here's 5 reasons why having a sibling is the next best thing in this whole planet.

1. Communication
Wordless communication really does exist. Your hand signals don’t make sense to anyone else but your siblings! 

Sibling Hands

2. Fashionista:-

If you have a sibling, chances are that he/she have been your own personal stylist. And have come across such unimaginable dressing:

Siblings Shenanigans

3. Arguments

Trust me if you can win over your sister/brother you can be world's best politician for sure

Siblings GIF

4. Comedy Circus:

It's your sibling only who knows to tickle your funny bones with just one look.

5. Gifts

Need I say more?

Happy Raksha Bandhan Day to all.

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What can I learn in a few minutes to be better at taking pictures?

If you love taking pictures, here are few points to ponder.

1.       Before pushing that button, freeze into position, and take your eyes for a walk around the margins of the image in the viewfinder. That will help you re-calibrate in case someone's arm was out of the picture, or the head of that cool statue. We tend to focus on the center of our subject, forgetting about the rest of the image.
2.      Inhale before pushing the button, and push it while starting to exhale normally. If you push it while inhaling or while forcefully holding your breath, your arms are likely to shake. You can actually hold your breath, but don't take the photo when you're close to turning blue. Such timings can affect the clarity of the photo when there's less light, or the framing at any time.  
3.      Avoid having the source of light in front of you. It should be lighting the subject, not you. Ideally, it should fall on your subject from somewhere in front of them, at an angle (30º-45º). 
4.      Try taking the photos of people in places with diffuse light. A very strong sun will create strong shadows which are usually not helpful for a portrait (unless your experience allows you to play with them). Sunny is good for landscapes, cloudy is good for portraits (although neither of them exclusively).
5.      Check out the background as well, when looking through the viewfinder. Your brain has most likely learned to not notice that piece of trash on the sidewalk, but the camera most definitely will.
6.      Pay attention to the posture of the person you're photographing, and check whether there aren't any issues with the clothing / hair / makeup.
7.      Avoid having your subject in the middle or at any margin. Use any remaining areas of the image to position your subject, and bam! you're following the famous rule of thirds.
8.      Here's a fun trick for photographing someone. Ask them to remember what they had for dinner two days ago, and then photograph them as they struggle to remember. Or tell them to imagine a naked turtle.

9.      There's more than one angle from which you can photograph a subject. More to the left, more to the right, higher, lower, closer, farther, tilted, upside down... try them and see which works best for your subject.

These should do for now, otherwise you'll end up using more than a few minutes on them. Hope they will help you in the future.

Happy shooting!

Source: Quora

Monday, August 24, 2015

My top 5 travel destinations

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."- St. Augustine.

This indeed rings true to my soul. Every year after the Durga Puja ends that is in the month of autumn before the winter sets in, my heart goes into roaming mode and yearns to experience all the sights and sounds of this world. Some of them I have managed to let it experience but some are still hidden from it and others are still languishing in the bucket list. But, nevertheless, everybody in this planet has such a list to fulfil. What fun is life when you have no challenges?

Friends, here I present before you my top 5 travel destinations.

5. Agra

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that name is off course the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wonder of the World, the  TajMahal.
Every lover in this planet would have coaxed his/her partner into visiting this monument of love. And rightly so, because it provides some breathtaking views into Mughal architecture. And you can't simply ignore it. And if you are a lover of historical places like me, you can’t simply write off this city from your travel destination. On that day 19th January, 2015 to be precise, I and my friends were rather unlucky as there was a thick blanket of fog blocking our view on this marvel of the world. We had to leave after just viewing what was on offer.


And just as we came out of the Taj, the sun shone again and another marvel The Agra Fort was waiting for us. Just as a crazy boy finds his lost candy; the moment was simply more than that feeling. The aroma of history in every breath was too much to resist. As, I entered inside I was simply lost in its grandeur and amazing architecture


Although, we couldn’t visit Fatehpūr Sikrī due to the shortage of time, I promised myself to visit Agra again with better planning & better travel partner.And I came to know thereafter that Agra city has added another jewel in its cap, the Ola cab service. And if you sign up at you get Rs 200 in your Olacab wallet, which I think is really invaluable in a city like Agra where you can get fleeced at the drop of a hat and get to enjoy all the three UNESCO sites without any hassle and also enjoy yummy "pedas". 

4. Goa:

The first things on offer in this Ibiza of India are the beaches. One look at the beaches and you will know why every Indian household wants to visit this former Portuguese colony. Goa has a coastline of 103 kms and is blessed with world’s most enchanting beaches! Once you decide to land on this paradise, brace yourself for everything from parties to adventure and solitude to sunbathing.

Mandrem Beach, counted as the most preferred beach for the couples on honeymoon presents the much needed privacy in the entire India, unless you have a bedroom which is soundproof ;) Agonda beach is ideal if you want to meditate, catch up on the unfinished novel or simply have a sunbath. There’s also country boat ride & dolphin spotting waiting for you.
B for
Baga Beach, B for beach party. Need I say more?
 If you are looking for beauty in the air, drop by the famous Candolim Beach.

The best time to visit Goa is between October and March when the climate and weather and the social life get mixed to present a wonderful cocktail of joy. And if you are looking for a hassle free ride for all your city taxi needs, railway station transfers, airport transfers
in Goa, simply check out the 50% off deal on your airport rides in . You can’t simply No to Go Goa! 


Source: NDTV 

3. Mussorie

If you are looking for that soothing touching of nature along with all the added facilities for tourists then welcome to the Queen of Hills called Mussoorie.


Photo: Wikipedia

Mussorie is a famous getaway for the people in North India especially for the people on honeymoon. This city is full of fun  if you want to take a cable car to Gun Hill, enjoy a beautiful nature walk along Camel's Back Road, have a picnic at Kempty Falls, or ride a horse up to Lal Tibba. The posiibilities of fun are simply endless here

            Photo: Cable Ropeway in Mussoorie (by Singhania )

 2. Darjeeling:

Darjeeling is a  fascinating hill station among the Himalayas. It  is also one among the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can experience breathtaking views of Himalayas from Darjeeling which makes this place a unique paradise on Earth. The major attractions of Darjeeling include the historic toy train, botanical gardens, monasteries & the Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway cable car, which incidentally is the longest cable car in the entire Asia. A wonderful place to visit from April to June and which  draws in loads of travelers throughout this season. 


1. Rio De Janerio:

Rio De Janerio or “Rio” as it is popularly called, is a breathtakingly beautiful seaside city in Brazil. Rio is world renowned for its beaches like
Copacabana and Ipanema which features in every traveller’s list in bold (pun intended ;) You can view the stadium of Maracanã and Sugar Loaf Mountain as its major attraction. But for me what defines Rio is the 38m  Christ The Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) statue which has left its footprints in my mind during the 2014 FIFA Football World Cup and is certainly one of those places I can’t simply afford to miss. 
                 File:Montagem RJ.jpg

Photo: Wikipedia

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

What are some mistakes that a young person (18-22) can make that they really can't recover from?

We all know this guy:

What's his Story?

Robert Downey Jr was exposed to drug and alcohol abuse as early as six where his own father once offered him a cannabis joint. At 16, he quit school and moved to New York to start acting career. By the time he hit his 20s, Robert had developed a full-fledged addiction to Substance abuse. Nor did he witnessed a series of commercial flops in the 90's but also build up self-destructive tendencies.

In 1996, the actor was stopped by police after driving naked in his Porsche on Sunset Boulevard in possession of cocaine, heroine and a .357 Magnum gun. Less than a month later, and just a few hours before he was slated to be charged, Downey ran into the law again after he was found passed out in a neighbor's house.
In prison, he was caught fighting with another inmate and twice woke up from attacks in a pool of his own blood and saw his new low while scrubbing pizza pans in LA County prison’s kitchen, where he used to earn eight cents an hour. 'For the next several years, Downey's life was a haze of headline-generating, dependency induced mistakes and their consequences.'

In 1999, after failing to show up for a court-ordered drugs test, he was sentenced to three years in a state-run substance abuse facility and prison in California and served 12 months of his sentence later to be released. He wassearched by police again later where they found Methamphetamine and Cocaine. There was a 12-month stay in prison, and another visit to drug rehab. In 2000, Downey was again arrested, where he was discovered with Cocaine and Valium and in a Wonder Woman costume. He was charged with felony and drug possession. 
Malibu Judge Lawrence Mira claimed to have no other option than to sentence Downey Jr to prison, in order to save his life. 
He again got re-arrested on drugs and weapon charges and then, while on parole, Downey Jr was found wandering the streets of LA, barefoot and high on drugs. He was immediately sacked from 'Ally McBeal' and sent back to rehab. "It was my lowest point in terms of addictions. At that stage, I didn't give a fuck whether I ever acted again."-Robert Downey Jr

Explaining in 1999 to a judge: "It's like I've got a shotgun in my mouth with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal." 

The final straw came from his first wife Deborah, who left him, taking their son Indio with her, and filed for divorce. Where once he had earned up to £5 million a year, he was now deemed untouchable and left close to bankruptcy. With various failed relationships, once where Jessica Parker herself tried to help him but failed, along with a broken marriage, robert could clearly see through the bottom of the barrel. He could only go up from here.
Then, in 2003, he met his current wife, producer Susan Levin. Downey Jr credits her with his remarkable turnaround as she insisted she would never marry him unless he gave up drugs for good. In suitably dramatic fashion, he stopped outside a roadside Burger King and threw all his drugs into the Pacific Ocean. He now owns a 'BK Crown Gold Card' which awards him lifetime of free food at any Burger King Location.                           
So where is he now?
With 2 Golden Globe wins, 1 Emmy and twice nominated for Academy awards, Robert Downey Jr like Stark, lives in Malibu, but in an eccentrically decorated £10million ranch with its own gym, rose-covered stabling for 12 horses and riding rings. He also owns a £5million pad in the trendy LA neighbourhood of Venice Beach. Robert currently owns a Corvette, Bentley, Volvo, a Mustang, some Audis, a Porsche, a Mercedes and more. 
The luxury doesn’t stop there. He travels by private jet, has his own chef and indulges eccentricities in true Hollywood diva fashion, taking his furniture with him when he films on location. His Iron Man franchise have already grossed more than $2 billion worldwide at the box office  along with Avengers seriesraking in another $2.8 billions making him one of the highest paid actor of all time.
Although Robert never graduated from high school but he also earned his GED during one of his stints in jail!


And the people love him! He has taken home three People’s Choice Awards – all for his work as Tony Stark aka Iron Man. And the best part about him is that he doesn't shy away from his past mistakes and find new ways to laugh at himself even when he has achieved super stardom. After Gwyneth Paltrow was speaking in French with the gathered media in Paris and Robert dropped this gem-
"I feel like an a**hole. I would've spoken French but I was raised by wolves. She went to all these nice schools and they spent all this God damn money and now she's all fancy (speaking French) and you just love her! I am an animal. I'm an ugly American. They don't teach French in jail!"                

There isn't any mistake that you can't recover from. We are young, amateur, stupid, broke and inexperience...all at the same time when we are in our teens and 20s. More importantly is that we are human and to err is human. But what sets an achiever apart from a crowd is his will to get back up. Never back down and and never quit. Robert got his recognition for his best work even when he was riddled with drugs and alcohol abuse at the same time. Got in and out of rehabs, faced many failed relations and even more no. of failed attempt to quit drugs. Suddenly you think you can't go lower than this and BOOM! You find yourself in an even more deeper grave where your own failures gawking at you and force you to contemplate on the reason behind your existence. An then you think you can't recover from this ebb and choose the wrong way, the easy way instead of the right way. But its what we choose at that point that makes a man. We all fall short of glory but its no reason to punish ourselves. Make mistake, fall down and fell apart but come back up. Thats why we fall. All we need is to find it in our heart to go on and share it with others.

"I pray that you all put your shoes way under the bed that night, so that you gotta get on your knees in the morning to find them"-Denzel Washington

From washed-up drug addict to the $100m man, Robert Downey Jr has seen it all, done it all and still managed to Rise High like a Raging Phoenix, an inspiration for many people who believe in second(2...3...17) chances.
Source: Quora.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My #eSuperDad

This blog is written for participation in the blogging contest by eKavach Parental Control App. I am writing about being a #eSuperDad! You can also submit your entry here <> and stand a chance to win Gold/Diamond jewelry and exciting shopping vouchers
One day, I came from school. Maa noticed that my face was in a dull mood.

She enquired me, "What happened today?”

Me: Nothing She: Don't Fool Me
Me: Nothing, I got my report card.
(hands over to Dad)
Dad: Why so less in Maths?
Me: I can't understand anything in class
Dad: Eat your lunch, tonight you are in for a premiere show.

Ultimately, it turned out to be a holistic approach to the world of numbers. I was not excited in the beginning but slowly & steadily I begin to grasp what numbers actually meant in this world. This was the person who made it all happen. My Super Dad, my Christopher Reeves, who need no super power to quick fix any problem in my problem. Just few words are enough to guide his kids in the right direction and extract nothing but the brilliance. And always aware of the dangers lurking in this world, he safeguards the best interest of his kids more than his own life.
This is a quality which is rarely seen these days. Parents remain busy throughout the day and
kids are left to TV, video games & internet all by themselves. And just as they say curiosity kills the cat, kids go into a world which is a forbidden one in their growing stage of life & many kids have fallen to the trap of the internet while interacting & meeting random strangers in real. This should give many parents sleepless nights. But, technology can be countered only by technology itself. One of my friends suggested me an innovative called eKavach Parental Control App. The name itself says more than anything else. It’s an eKavach or a protective shield for your kids spending their time in the internet.  eKavach Parental Control App for family comes with 2 separate apps – a parent app for parents & a child app for children. Both applications should be installed together to ensure digital protection and kids internet safety. The app is really effective. Prevents exposure to inappropriate content such as pornography, sex, by setting auto age-appropriate web category filter for children.  And other features also available which will make you go WOW.
Have a Look Here

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Tryst For Speed

I was busy clicking photos at the recently concluded Rath Yatra at the nearby ISKCON Temple. Suddenly, a lady with “tilak” on her forehead came from nowhere and requested me to click a photo of her beloved God on display. I readily agreed & clicked few more pics for her. But then came the issue of how to transfer the images to an unknown lady who is not so tech friendly. I took her email & decided to mail it away.  One fine morning, woke up early, opened my laptop. Straight to Gmail & attached the photo. Pat came the reply, “We are facing few difficulties in the network, please try again.” Again tried, same reply. Went outside for a coffee dose, again tried. No change. Took me an hour to get the work done.  I guess this is the norm of the Day in every office & household of India. No matter how much you pay, if the network is not fast enough, all your money & time goes down the drain. And rightly so, the average internet connection speed is mere 1.7Mbps. The country ranks 118 globally behind Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The average speed witnessed an increase of 8.4% quarter on quarter and 34% year on year. Although the global average internet speed has reached 3.9 Mbps, we Indians still lag behind in calling ourselves truly World-Class.

All these are now set to change. The winds of change have come.  Airtel India has recently launched #Airtel4G and undoubtedly, this will UP the ante in a sluggish market fed up of non-existent internet speed.  And, I myself am eager to feel this change. Imagine a world where Skype calls never drop, Gmail attachments are uploaded & sent in time you require to blink, download as much movies from torrents as you like without waking your machine whole night. Yes, my dear friends this is going to be a reality sooner than you take time to read this piece of article. And I am super-excited to lay my hands on the elusive Airtel 4G SIM & send some more pics to that devoted lady in no time.

What are your hopes & aspirations from the newly launched  #Airtel4G ?