Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why does a cellphone vibrate?

Among the many components inside the phone is a small motor. 
The motor is built in such a way that it is partially off-balanced.            

In other words, a mass of improper weight distribution is attached to the motor's shaft/axis. So when the motor rotates, the irregular weight causes the phone to vibrate.

I saw a part of my Motorola Moto E's motor when i opened the back cover.

Below is the image of one type of vibrating motor; there are many types.
The size is small... smaller than many currency coins.

The mass at the left end in the picture below, almost resembling a half-moon is the off-balanced weight, the cylindrical part contains the motor.  

Hope this helps. :)

Image source: Micro vibration motor / DC

As I mentioned earlier, there are other kinds of vibration mechanisms to0.

Image Source- Product Guide to Coin Vibration Motor

Here is also a link for the vibrating motor in action. 

If you want to turn vibrations off in order to save battery, you cannot do it all at once. You can turn it ON/OFF for Messages or Calls by going into the Main Settings.

But notifications for individual apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, etc. need to be handled from the respective settings of each app. 

By going through the settings of individual apps, you may choose -
 - vibrations or led notifications for alerts.

Source: Quora

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crackling at The Kurry Pot

It had been a long time since I last went to a restaurant. Home-Office-Repeat had been building a monotonous cycle in my daily life. Even the weather gods were also not favourable to my city, Guwahati. I was counting on my luck for some miracle to happen. Finally after two days of continuous rains, the gods decided to rest in the pavilion. I took my chance, got my Activa keys and run flew away. But I never liked the idea of dining alone, so took my cousin along. The choice was simple. It must be a hotel serving vegetarian food and located near Chandmari, one of the busiest place in Guwahati. I knew she could easily zeroed in a respectable hotel to dine in. She had one in mind. She even knew the address.

Just 10-15 minutes drive from Noonmati, we reached The Kurry Pot. First of all, I was pretty confused about the entrance, as there was nothing specific mentioned. Turned out we need to go through a door which was also an opening for sari shop. Pretty weird, I thought.

The board could be easily missed though if you are really in a hurry. Anyways, Just as I enter a cold breeze of air greeted us. So The Kurry Pot was an AC restaurant, much to our liking. The environment was not that lively, only few people filling out their tummy as usual. The ambience looked like those of 60s, in dim light.

Just that's it. I was like who, cared. Let me get a taste of what mattered the most in that moment. So, here was our menu. 

So many choices, I was confused where to start from, Finally weather had the last say. I decided to go for something to cool off my senses. I ordered Lassi and it had a wonderful whey down my pipe. I was feeling refreshed.

Now, time came for some starters, I was confused. Let Mou, my cousin choose it. She choose Paneer Uttapam. I had basically no idea of how it would taste like. So, I ordered only one for her. Just one bite, and I was lost in my college days where I used to save money for Paneer Dosa. And it has been close to 4 years since I last tasted one, all those memories got refreshed with just one bite. Simply put, I ordered twice and simply loved it. The curry was also awesome.

Now was the time for main course, I chose Jeera Rice and she choose Paneer Masala Curry. The mixture was really exciting, and as expected the taste was not disappointed and I had just gobbled it up in no time. I was really enjoying the dish while she was chit-chatting about random topics.

Then, time came for some desserts. Here, where the restaurant failed to deliver the last punch. There was nothing called dessert in the menu, not even anything close. Both of us had to settle for this. It was not upto the mark, and left a bad taste in what has been an awesome lunch till now. 

 Nevertheless, both of us had an awesome time there and lastly finished it off with cool #selfie.

Do visit this restaurant if you are looking for a good main course meal.
Here are the pros and cons of  The Kurry Pot:

1. Prime Location
2. Great Starters
3. Good Main Course Meal

1. Average food delivery
2.Lack of items in menu
3. Average Ambience.