Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Visit to Zizina Otis

05-05-2015- Guwahati, Assam

What a day it was!

Got an early morning call at 6 AM from Pawan Uncle and I was told to be ready by 7. I had no idea what was coming my way. I saw my face and it was OK by my standards but barring those hairs. Quickly brushed, shaved and trimmed. Did few push ups and rushed to shower. Did my early morning rituals and was on my table munching "rotis". Glad #MyMomOutstanding I got breakfast on rush hour day.

Got that car revving, uncle was all set to drive. Quickly grabbed my phone, opened the GPS and Google said it would be 55 min (41.7 kmvia NH37 and SH 3B. I was like yeah, Bring It On! 
Yeah, if you were guessing where we were heading to, it's Zizina Otis 

And if you are wondering what that word actually means, then Zizina Otis is actually a a species of blue butterfly found in South Asia, and it looks like this:

I was awestruck by the choice of name. My mind was full of natural beauties about what I would encounter there. And we reached there in the quickest time possible since 7 AM is like dawn to most Indians. And here we entered in our Datsun GO. 

That gave away all the secret to the bounties ahead. I was now prepared to encounter everything. Zizina Otis is situated at Mayong, an ancient place where human habitation existed from prehistoric days. Remnants from the Neolithic age are scattered all over the place.

Just as we were entering, this buddy greeted us in. 

Quietly doing his duty, he was enjoying his day out. We seeked to greener pastures ahead.
Now, I was really eager to explore as well as hungry. So, straightaway to the cafeteria.

The menu was exquisite, 

We had just a cup of tea and were eager to explore this natural bounty. Meanwhile, uncle wanted to attend nature's call so here the direction 

Moving on, we went to explore the Safari Tents. At this point, I went back to his childhood days when before the Bhogali Bihu, we used to shed our blood and sweat to make the hut, but were never allowed to sleep inside it because of overprotectiveness of our seniors. But I was adamant for my one-night stand. Here was my chance, a night in a make-shift avenue far from the maddening crowd amidst the beauty of nature, stuffs movies are made of. 

There were total 4 tents like these

And if you are wondering what's great about it, then come let's see the interiors.

Yeah, ain't that spacious for two couples to dream on. Are you eager to see more? Then here's the amazing Virtual Tour

Now moving  ahead, we headed to the Swiss tents. 

Still amazing was the natural exteriors made of dirt-cheap bamboos with a fresh feel of nature. And terracotta horses welcoming on the front was something to look forward to. And the interiors didn't disappoint either.

Enough for three souls to sleep on. 

The bathroom was simply spot on with adequate means for a nice bath-tub shower. What a feel!

That was quite refreshing amidst the freshness of nature.

But it didn't stop here, there was something more natural in store for us.

Authentic huts made of mud. Can you imagine living in one in this 21st century? I bet you will get this chance only if you are Rahul Gandhi or at Zizina Otis

Let's GO inside.

Pretty neat interiors.

This is so refreshing inside.

And not just natural escape, Zizina Otis also got  conference room for 50 heads to attend a meeting.

And there is a spacious lawn for parties 


If you ever think of visiting  Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary then do spend a night at the  Zizina Otis, I bet you will have sweet memories to carry back home.
Thank You for stopping by.