Friday, January 30, 2015

Win money for FREE!!!

Hello Guys,

I am Ayan Roy, a guy who have been scavenging the internet for more than seven years in search of free stuffs. This post is about one of the website whereby you can win money for free without any referral, hard work or any mumbo-jumbo stuffs.

Come, let's explore.


Well, every beginning has a story, so does mine. One day, I was travelling by Kolkata Metro. I was looking here and there, suddenly my eyes fell on this ad in a portrait.

I was intrigued!! Is it a dream? A joke? A scam? Or a fly-by night website. I quickly signed up  in the website. Signing Up is as simple as 1,2,3 and probably easier than Facebook.  Here's how the sign up page looks like

Damm Easy right? 
Here's the link Foreseegame Sign Up
Now, the business part.
What's next?
This site provides you questions from myraid fields such as:


All you need to do is correctly predict the results of the events and abracadabra, you start winning and earning money for FREE. No chick-chick No Jig-Jig, only pure money. 
Here's a sample question:

Easy, right?

Once you win, the website asks you for your bank details, which goes something like this 

Easy-breezy, right?

And How Popular it is??

According to Alexia, here are the stats:

So, stop thinking and visit Foreseegame Now and get Lucky!!!

Here's a bonus for you: