Sunday, May 22, 2011

Role of Education

The word 'Education' brings to our mind things related to books, teachers, tuition, homework etc which every child dreads to go through.

First of all, what does the word "
Education" really means?? Oxford dictionary describes Education as a noun form of the verb "Educate" which means "give intellectual or moral instruction to or teach". But in the modern day scenario, this definition has undergone a sea-change. To parents, education means getting their kids admitted in a top-ranked school/college to secure a blue-collared job. To teachers it means making the students go through the ordeal task of getting high marks to ultimately pass 'dreadful' examinations. And the ultimate losers are the students who have to bear the burden of such unrealistic expectations of their parents and teachers. Thus, the education system crumbles.

E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N, this nine letter word can have a deep impact on a country's development and progress with far reaching effects. Education makes a person capable enough to decide what's RIGHT or WRONG. This makes him aware of the various social evils prevalent in the society and take steps for their removal. Education raises the consciousness level of an individual and in a democratic country it can bring a revolution of its own leading to the election of the right candidate for the right job of working for the all round development of the people as a whole. It’s only Education that makes us aware and fight for our democratic and constitutional rights. Education is what nutrients are for a sapling to flourish. Without air, water, soil, a sapling can never turn into a tree and bore fruits. Similarly, without education, the personality of a person remains incomplete.

Recently, I found a site on the net called
.This site seeks to spread the power of education to all the sections of the society.
 wants to empower the youth of the nation to go for their cherished goals and ultimately serve the country for the betterment of its people. deals in the all round development of the students. provides grooming and personality development to all the students. also holds seminars for interacting with the students' community know their problems and provide solutions, suggestions, tips etc. has opened up free of cost counselling sessions for every aspiring engineer, doctor, managers to get admission in a reputed college and walk away with a guaranteed hefty pay package. can be said to a flag-bearer in spreading the benefits of the golden word called EDUCATION

 to every single student in the country. I wish the site “ALL THE BEST” and #shoutout to every single student of our country to join the site” and make this country a truly educated nation

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Changing Lives-

Hello friends, myself Ayan Roy, a B.Tech final year student in Mechanical egg. Let me tell about the current educational scenario in India. After passing out of 10th standard, every student finds three doors, Science, Commerce & Arts. Now, as we all know, that the creamy layer of the three streams goes to Science/Commerce and the rest lag behind, they get so confused just to find out which stream is meant for them. Which stream can open the door to their successful career? Whom should they consult for productive results? In such a scenario enters
Now, you are thinking what is ????
Well, on 16th April, 2010 the path-breaking site called was launched in the market. And it immediately caught the minds of aspiring students and made them expect something beneficial for themselves from the present crumbling educational scenario.
Let me make you aware of the salient features of the site :
ü believes in Quality rather than churning out heaps of individuals with no foresight/aim in life. They are concerned about the all round development of the students associated with them. So, personality development is their core working ground and they make their student go through rigorous personality development tests so that the end-product is accepted by all and sundry
ü can also help to secure your future dream career. provides admission in B.B.A., B.TECH. M.B.A, M.B.B.S. and other higher education fields. And what’s different about that????
ü  Well, doesn’t charge even a single penny for their consultancy services but guarantees your placement!!! Isn’t that COOL???
ü seeks to brings out the best from every student who joins them. As every test in India is going online, i.e. without the use of pen and paper, the responsibility of  is increasing diversifically. It gives tips and tricks about the competitive online entrance tests which has become the norm of the day. Thus, bolstering the very foundation of their knowledge.

Now, as the days keep on passing-by, the field of education is experiencing a tech-tonic shift. Today’s kids are found more on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, MySpace etc than in their class-room. So, for these guys is available on Facebook, their profile link is
On their facebook page one can get involved in many ways, as for ex. Refer as many friends as possible, answer to their quizzes, play IPL Dhamaka Contests and earn points. And the cherry on top of all is that they are rewarded handsomely for their active participation.
Now, my question to all my blogger friends is that where in India can you find such a student-friendly site which is
*By the students
* For the students
*Of the students
Don’t think guys??? Just get involved with and give meaningful direction to your career!!!!
In case, you’re wondering about the real-life activites of
Then go through this segment carried out by Hindustan Times:-


So, just log-in to and build your career at the click of a mouse!!!
Wish you ALL THE BEST!!!!